Long, long ago,

in the before times…

Before the UVDGA began, a group of acquaintances shared a few simple core values. They loved playing disc golf. They wanted more courses to play and friends to play with.

  • Grow the courses.

  • Grow the sport.

  • Grow the community.

These acquaintances put their heads together and thus the Upper Valley Disc Golf Association was born.

With a simple mission; their journey began.


To promote the sustainability and growth of the sport of disc golf in the Upper Connecticut River Valley and surrounding areas.


A touch of history

to honor the past…

Prior to 2012, there was already a foothold growing for the sport of disc golf in the Upper Valley.  Pioneered by James Beulieau, attractive courses already existed at Newport High School and at the Sunapee Ski Resort, as well as in Bradford at the Oxbow High School.

The vision of a course at Storrs Pond Recreational Area by Jeremy Mattsson and Dick Dodds brought the possibility of a world class disc golf course to the heart of the Upper Valley. It did much more than that though. It brought together that group of strangers and a community formed.

It was the perfect storm of locals, already passionate about disc golf, combined with an influx of disc golfers relocating to the Upper Valley with a thirst for the game - and more local courses. A community began to form. Utah, Kansas, Texas, Washington State and even Japan.

Fast forward to today… The UVDGA is a welcoming community of disc golfers from all walks of life and all skill levels. Whether you are looking for a casual round, the camaraderie of a weekly league event or the fierce competition of The Classic there is something for everyone.


Come find us.

Introduce yourself.

Join the UVDGA community for a round or few.

You have found the right place.